Sensory Boards

Our Sensory boards are a sculptural pieces hand made and customized at our studio in Brooklyn.

They are perfect for children age 2-5 . They are fun and exciting interactive way for your children to develop motor skills, evoke their imaginary world, practice coordination skills, explore and learn.

Some technical details:

Materials: wood (plywood), acrylic paint with a water-based coat for longevity and easy cleaning.
Dimensions: each individual board size: 20’’X30’’
Each board comes with 8-9 pieces of hardware and a texture piece
Costumers can pick the colors from several choices to create their own combinations.
Each board can be easily transported.
Each board is also modular and can be taken on and off the wall.
Veriety of hanging options available

*Costume made orders available upon request

sensory_boards_IMG_2616 sensory_boards_IMG_2610